Planting Trees With GED!

Finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our impact on the environment is extremely important to the society. We are always looking at ideas and activities to achieve those aims.

Greener Every Day are a local charity organisation who we partnered up with in 2021 for their mission to get more trees in the ground. Currently for every new purchase mortgage we donate the cost of planting a tree. We were also keen to get ‘hands on’ with the actual planting!

On Saturday 2nd April we sent a team of five eager volunteers along with Alice (aged 5) to help plant 170 trees at a location in the heart of the Eden Valley.

The weather was on our side, it was a beautiful spring day. When we arrived at the field we were presented with a large pile of stakes, some shovels and most importantly the young trees. Cez, Phillip and Gabriel gave us a quick tutorial on the best planting technique and off we went!

The trees we planted were a mixture of Oak, Rowan, Poplar and Cherry and to our credit it didn’t take us long. The promise of refreshments and ice cream at the end was very motivational!

We all had a great day out as well as doing something so positive in our effort to improve our environment. We can’t wait to revisit the site in a few years to see those trees growing.

If you want to find out more about Greener Every Day and their commitment to making our world a healthier and greener place then take a look at their website or search for them on Facebook. There are a number of ways you can get involved, whether on a corporate or an individual basis, with advice on carbon offsetting and volunteering opportunities. Well worth a look!

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