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We take complaints very seriously and recognise that they require a prompt and thorough investigation. The investigation will include a detailed analysis of your complaint and where applicable, an assessment of the appropriate level of redress and any further actions required to prevent reoccurrence of the issue. We will respond in writing to your complaint within 3 working days. This will either be an acknowledgement letter providing reassurance that your complaint has been received and is being dealt with, or in the case of a quick resolution, a Summary Resolution Letter. Upon completion of the investigation, a full and final response will be issued. However, if the complaint cannot be resolved within eight weeks we will write to you advising of the reasons why.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Penrith Building Society

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*Saturday opening times only applicable on the first and third Saturday of each calendar month.

If you need to process a transaction and are struggling to get to the branch during our revised opening times, please contact the Society on 01768 863675.

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