AGM 2022 voting results

Annual General Meeting 2022

The 143rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members of Penrith Building Society was held at 6.00pm on Wednesday, 20 April 2022. Due to the uncertainty around restrictions in respect of Covid-19 when the AGM was being planned, the Board took the decision that the AGM would be held as a virtual meeting and would not be open for members to physically attend. CEO Tim Bowen presented the agenda from the Penrith Building Society Head Office.
The results were as follows:

RESOLUTIONNumber of Votes ForNumber of Votes AgainstNumber of Votes Withheld% in Favour
To receive the Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts & Annual Business Statement for the year ended 31st December 2021 514 5 2 98.6
To approve the Directors' Remuneration Report for the year ended 31st December 2021 483 35 3 92.71
To approve the re-appointment of Mazars LLP as Auditor 505 10 6 96.93
To re-elect Roderick McAlpine Ashley 490 21 10 94.05
To re-elect Timothy James Bowen 491 24 6 94.24
To re-elect Richard Leslie Drinkwater 492 21 8 94.43
To re-elect Elspeth Louise James 497 19 5 95.39
To re-elect Janice Lincoln 498 17 6 95.59
To re-elect William Robert Charles Lindsay 487 28 6 93.47
To re-elect Kevin Parr 494 22 5 94.82

For every five votes cast for this years AGM, the Society will donate the funds to plant one tree with Greener Every Day. The Society will also be donating further funds to bring the total up to 150 trees to be planted as a result.

You can view a recording of the virtual AGM stream on our YouTube page here