Bright Stars 2022

We are partnering Hayton Primary School in the 2022 Bright Stars programme that challenges primary school pupils to set up their own social enterprise businesses to ‘Make a Profit & Make a Difference’.

The children, in year 3, will choose a cause or issue that matters to them, and develop business ideas that can bring about change or improvement.

The programme combines face-to-face and online contact for meetings taking place between the partner companies and schools. That means business partners and schools can choose how best to work together to guide and mentor pupils on how to set up and run their social enterprise.

But most importantly we will have lots of fun working together!

Dozens of schools across Cumbria are set to take part in the 8-week programme which runs from Tuesday May 3rd to Friday June 24th, 2022

Bright Stars (now in its tenth year) is designed to introduce Cumbrian primary school children to leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork and get them excited about the world of business in a fun accessible way. Organised and project-managed by the Centre for Leadership Performance, it is delivered and funded in partnership with local businesses.

The programme has generated huge benefits for children in Cumbria. It enables them to learn about key business principles like innovation, budgeting, problem solving and delivering to deadlines, while linking with core curriculum subjects such as English, Maths and Design & Technology. It also builds confidence as they showcase hidden talents and develop new skills, nurturing creative thinking and aspirations, as well as giving them an insight into how businesses operate in their local areas.

For companies, Bright Stars creates on-going links with local primary schools, connects with young people and makes them aware of what local businesses do. It makes a positive impact on communities, raises company profiles as responsible employers, creates links to other businesses taking part and provides development opportunities for staff who get involved.

CforLP Executive Director Sarah Glass explains: “Bright Stars business creation and fund-raising is always exciting and fun with activities ranging from pop-up shops, car washes and concerts to bake sales, creating soups and manufacturing gifts. The schools have wholeheartedly embraced the idea of ‘Making a Difference’ because it empowers the children to bring about positive change. Combining that with ‘Making a Profit’ gives a dynamic double focus for the social enterprises created by the pupils and their business partners.”