Mortgage Blood Bank


Mortgage Blood Bank

Penrith Building Society is proud to be taking part in a nationwide initiative to promote blood donation. The Blood Bank is a financial services initiative to recruit 30,000 donors from across the financial services industry by the end of 2022.

The NHS needs:

•  Nearly 400 new donors a day to meet demand.
•  Around 135,000 new donors a year to replace those who can no longer donate.
•  30,000 new donors with priority blood types such as O negative every year.
•  More young people to start giving blood so there is enough blood in the future.

Three of the Society’s staff – Michelle Hall, Michelle Stevens and Fiona Askins – have now all signed up and made deposits to The Blood Bank.

Michelle Hall said ‘I had often thought about giving blood, but it was one of things I just never got around to doing. My parents gave blood when I was young and I can remember going with them and getting a cup of tea after their donations. When I saw The Blood Bank initiative was being launched it was the push I needed and I registered to become a donor and gave blood for the first-time last weekend. When the text arrives to tell you where your blood has been used, it’s a fabulous feeling knowing you’ve helped somebody. My next appointment is already booked.’

More information about The Blood Bank is available at

For more information about donating blood and signing up to become a donor, please visit