Exciting staff news at Penrith Building Society

We have had some exciting staff news recently at Penrith Building Society. Lucy will be joining the team full time as Finance and Business Services Assistant from Monday 19 August. Lucy will be a familiar face to many of you having worked on the counter on Saturdays having started her time with us on a work experience placement in the summer of 2018. She has impressed us all with her hard work and quick learning and having just finished her A-Levels we are delighted to welcome her to the world of work on a full time basis. Lucy joins Tom and Matthew as young, Penrith locals who have developed their careers with the Society and we will continue to support them in their exciting development. We are very proud to see the next generation of local staff doing such a good job for the Society and our members!

We are pleased to announce that Paula will now be working full time in the mortgage department. Paula will also be a familiar face to our members having worked in the branch for several years. She has proven to be an invaluable presence with her hard work and our Head of Mortgage Delivery, James, is delighted to add Paula to his team on a full time basis.

Congratulations to Lucy and Paula!