@PBS – Introduction of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a new mandatory requirement for proving the identity of online members. Nowadays, relying on just a username and password is no longer enough to ensure your cyber security and we are sure you have seen the introduction of 2FA on other financially based websites you may use.

Penrith Building Society is committed to the security of your personal data and 2FA is currently being developed and tested to protect users of the @PBS online portal. This will be rolled out to @PBS users in the next few months.

2FA will require users of @PBS to prove their identity in two ways to protect their details held within @PBS. It requires an extra step when logging in to your account, but it does make your data more secure online. However, as with all online activities you should remain vigilant at all times. It will require authentication using something only you, the member knows (i.e. your password) and something only you have (i.e. a passcode sent by SMS to a nominated telephone number).

We will update you further in the coming weeks of our launch date and emails will be sent to you to allow your own 2FA arrangements to be put in place.