Message from the Chairman regarding the AGM and COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Member

COVID – 19 – Coronavirus outbreak

In light of the current situation with regard to the coronavirus outbreak in the UK and the likelihood that this may increase during the following weeks, the Society is looking at what contingency we can put in place for our members, to possibly be able to “virtually” attend and participate in the AGM, if restrictions on social gatherings or travel are implemented.

We are also aware that many members may be concerned about attending meeting events and if so, we would encourage you to use your vote, by either voting online, or by completing your voting form and returning it in the prepaid envelope provided, which still allows you to have your say at the AGM and support your Society.

If, at present, it would be your intention to attend the AGM, could you please contact the Society either by phone on 01768 863675 or via confirming your intention to attend and provide us with you most up to date contact details, email or phone, so that we are able to contact you nearer the time to advise whether there has had to be a change in venue or to provide login/virtual attendance details if a virtual meeting is to be held. We would however ask that any members follow the NHS and Government guidance relating to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus and if they have travelled to, or have been in contact with anyone who has travelled to any of the identified affected areas, that they do not consider attending the AGM, to protect both themselves and their families and the Society’s staff.

If there is a restriction on social gatherings and/or the Society is unable to hold the AGM at the intended venue, as currently stated in the Notice of AGM and the Annual Review booklet enclosed, we will post updates on our website, social media and notices in branch.

I am sure you can appreciate that this is a very unique situation and we will do all that we can to ensure that the AGM can continue and provide an option for members to attend, whilst at the same time limiting potential exposure of contracting the virus to both our members and staff.

We hope for your continued support and understanding in exceptional circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Cairns