PBS Supports Lazonby First Responders

Clare went out to visit Elaine and Jacqueline of Lazonby first responders on Friday 15 February, to see how they were getting on with their new equipment which was sponsored by the Society.

In terms of training people in giving life saving CPR, this new model will prove invaluable. Not only does it provide more detailed feedback from the rhythm of compressions it also assesses you on the depth of the compression and the release of that compression which allows the heart to fill. The “Annie” links to a tablet to provide the instructor with accurate feedback throughout the two minutes of testing and has the ability to link up to six “Annies” together to provide the ability to run a group training session.

After the fantastic training with Elaine, Jacqueline and their fabulous new “Annie”, Clare was able to hit a massive 99% effectiveness rating while giving CPR on her first ever attempt, this just proves how important the new equipment is.

This was a cause our CEO Tim was particularly passionate about and he invited the team in to provide some training to our staff in November 2018. Tim got involved in the demonstration himself and we all learned some valuable lessons to put to use in future should we need to. All of the staff at the Society are very proud to sponsor the new “Annie” and are delighted to see that our help will make such a difference.