Ullswater Bond

Fixed Rate of 1.60% & Fixed Term of two years Minimum investment £5,000 Maximum investment £50,000 Interest rates on this account are fixed for the two year term of the account. Withdrawals are not permitted prior to maturity except on death of the investor. Interest is paid annually on 31st December and on maturity will […]

Eden Share

90 day notice account (immediate withdrawals can be made subject to a 90 day penalty). Minimum balance £1,000 Interest paid in following tiers- up to £10,000  – £10,000 to £30,000  – over £30,000 whichever tier the balance falls into applies to the whole account Variable interest rate Interest paid half yearly 30th June and 31st […]

Regular Saver 300 Account

Fixed term (3 years) savings account Minimum monthly subscription £25 maximum monthly subscription £300 Subscriptions can be missed but cannot be made up in subsequent months Variable interest rate Compounded interest on 31st December and closure Only one account per individual (no joint accounts) over the age of 16 and a UK resident Maximum of […]

Beacon Share

90 day notice account for balances below £10,000 and instant access to any balance over £10,000, immediate withdrawals on balances below £10,000 subject to a loss of 90 days interest. Minimum balance £1,000 Banded interest rate as follows -up to £10,000 – £10,000 to £25,000  – £25,000 to £65,000 and £65,000 and over. This means […]

ISA – Issue 1

Minimum balance £100. Annual subscription subject to HMRC limits. Existing customers can add to and transfer in and out of this ISA, however partial transfers are not allowed Tax Free Savings Instant Access (down to minimum balance of £100) Variable interest rate Interest paid annually and compounded on the 5th April