Regular Saver 300

The Regular Saver 300 is a three year fixed term, monthly subscription account for individuals who wish to establish a regular savings habit and are looking for a good rate of return on their investment. One Regular Saver 300 account is allowed per individual and you must be over the age of 16 and resident in the UK.

The monthly subscription can be any amount up to the maximum of £300, if however a monthly subscription is missed this cannot be caught up in subsequent months. On maturity, if your Regular Saver 200 account has not been closed, the funds including interest will be transferred to an Instant Access Shares.

A three year fixed term, regular savings account with a variable interest rate

Available to Heartland residents only

Regular monthly savings from £100 up to £300 per month

You are able to make up to three withdrawals per year (January-December)

Interest is added to the account annually on 31st December and on maturity