Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)

JISAs are Junior Individual Savings Accounts which are free from Income Tax and have been introduced to replace Child Trust Fund Accounts. JISAs are a type of ISA available to eligible children in respect of which instructions are given by a “registered contact”. Our Cash JISA is an ideal way to make the most of your tax-free privileges without risking your capital on the stock market and it is simple to open.

Annual interest is credited to the JISA account on the 5th April, the interest rate is variable

Available to any young person under the age of 18, born on or after 3rd January 2011 or does not have a Child Trust Fund

An eligible Child Trust Fund can be transferred to a JISA

Withdrawals can only be made on maturity of the account when the child reaches the age of 18

Annual subscription limit of £9,000 in the tax year 2022/23