Junior Affinity Regular Saver – Greener Every Day

By opening a Junior Affinity Regular Saver which supports Greener Every Day (GED) with Penrith Building Society, you can be a part of this worthwhile initiative supporting GED without it costing you a penny. Penrith Building Society will make a cash payment each year to GED equal to 0.50% gross interest on the average total balance held in all Junior Affinity Regular Saver Accounts that support GED.

The monthly subscription can be any amount from £5 up to the maximum of £100, if however a monthly subscription is missed this cannot be caught up in subsequent months. On maturity, if your Junior Affinity account has not been closed, the funds including interest will be transferred to an Instant Access Shares.

Annual donation from Penrith Building Society to Greener Every Day

A five year fixed term, regular savings account with a variable interest rate

Regular monthly savings of any amount between £5 and £100 per month

You are able to make up to two withdrawals per year (January to December)