Cash ISA (Issue 3) – Residents of Cumbria Only

This account is for individuals looking to build on their savings and take advantage of tax free benefits associated with Cash ISA accounts. Your ISA savings will not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance.

As Cash ISAs are tax efficient accounts there is a yearly subscription limit set by the Government. Your ISA won’t close when the tax year ends, you can keep your savings on a tax-free basis for as long as you keep the money in your ISA account.

The Cash ISA Issue 3 is available to individuals over the age of 16 with a valid National Insurance number

The Cash ISA Issue 3 allows transfers in up to the maximum account balance of £100,000

Instant access to your cash, please note the Cash ISA Issue 3 is not a flexible ISA

Variable interest rate

Annual subscription limit of £20,000 in the tax year 2022/23