The legal process you must go through when you buy or sell property. This work will usually be undertaken by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer.


If your mortgage deal has a collar, your interest rate will not fall any lower than the specified amount. So if rates drop to 3.75% and your deal is collared at 4%, you’ll miss out on the savings that this lower rate would bring. The Society does not offer collared rate mortgage products at this […]

Credit Reference Agency

Credit reference agencies provide factual information with your consent, about how you have managed your existing and previous credit arrangements, so that we can make a decision about whether to lend you.


County Court Judgement. These are made against you for non-payment of debt, and could make it harder for you to get a mortgage. Even when satisfied, a County Court Judgement will remain visible on your credit file for a number of years.

Cashback mortgage

With this type of mortgage, the lender will give you a certain amount of cash on completion. You should factor this into the total cost of your mortgage over the initial period to decide whether it’s a good deal.

Capped rate

If your mortgage deal has a capped rate, the interest rate charged by the lender will never exceed the upper ‘capped’ limit, regardless of increases to the Bank of England base rate or the lenders Standard Variable Rate.