Foreign Currency

The Society will consider applications for a residential or investment property, where the borrower works overseas for a multinational company and is paid in a currency other than GBP.

Applications from borrowers who derive their income, or have an asset that they plan to use to repay the mortgage, that is held in any one of these currencies – will not be considered unless it is pegged to a stable currency e.g. USD, GBP or Euro.

Unacceptable currencies are:

• Burundian Franc
• Cambodian Riel
• Colombian Peso
• Congolese Franc
• Guinean Franc
• Indonesian Rupiah
• Iranian Riyal
• Iraqi Dinar
• Lebanese Pound
• Laotian Kip
• Malagasy Ariary
• Myanmar Kyat
• Paraguayan Guarani
• Rwandan Franc
• Sierra Leonean Leone
• South Korean Wan
• Tanzanian Shilling
• Ugandan Shilling
• Uzbekistani Som
• Vietnamese Dong

Where the applicant receives their income in any of the above currencies, but it is pegged to the US Dollar, GBP or Euro, the case may be considered further.

Minimum income £40,000 (sterling equivalent) and maximum LTV of 75%.