A bond is a savings account in which you will keep your money for a set period of time for a set interest rate. It means that you can’t generally access your money early with a bond.

Building Society

A building society is a type of financial institution that provides mortgages and savings accounts to its customers (some provide other banking services as well). Many of a building society’s customers are also members – the society is run for the benefit of members rather than shareholders.

Base Rate

Base rate usually means the Bank of England base interest rate. Savings interest rates are normally determined by base rate (along with other factors).

Banded Interest

Interest is paid in “bands” for example if an account earns 1% up to the balance of £10K and 1.5% on a balance over £10K and the account has a balance of £25K, the first £10K will earn 1% and the remaining £15K will earn 1.5%.

Variable-rate mortgage

If you have a mortgage product that is linked to our standard variable rate, the interest rate on your mortgage can go up or down according to any changes we make to the standard variable rate.