Updated Society guidance on Mortgage Payment Deferrals

The Government issued a statement detailing some of the financial support to be offered to those impacted by COVID-19, including the provision of ‘Mortgage Payment Deferrals’. A Mortgage Payment Deferral is an agreement you might be able to make with your mortgage lender allowing you temporarily to stop or reduce your monthly mortgage repayments.

The deadline by which a Mortgage Payment Deferral can be requested is 31 October 2020.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of being impacted by COVID-19 please view the Society’s full guidance document on its approach – click here and to view and download a Mortgage Payment Deferral request form click here. You can also contact us at support@penrithbs.co.uk or 01768 863675.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties that are not of a temporary nature please still contact the Society (as above) so that we can discuss your situation more fully and let you know what options may be available to help you.